5 Things You Can do to be Happier While Single

  1. 1. Build a healthy routine.

  • Get a calendar.
  • Schedule work
    • Obviously you need money. 😉
    • A purpose helps too.
  • Schedule exercise.
    • I like to have a friend come to my house and workout with me.
    • Find a workout accountability partner or trainer.
  • Schedule time to buy and prep healthy food.
    • As a working single person, sometimes I like to make a big meal on the weekend and eat leftovers during the week.
    • Tackle this one thing at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
    • Start by buying a healthy breakfast cereal or eggs for breakfast for a few mornings per week.
    • If you’re feeling energetic, plan one day a week to shop and chop your veggies for the week.
  • Schedule time to upkeep your personal appearance.
    • Think nail clipping, hair styling, eyebrow plucking, shaving.
    • Think of anything you might not have time to do well daily, and schedule at least one day a week to catch up on those tasks.
  • Schedule time with friends, time with family, and regular social outings.
    • See below.
    • I like church
    • I like girl’s night out
    • I like Saturday morning coffee at a local shop with a friend.
  1. 2. Build a strong network of friends and family.

  • Go out for coffee one day a week with a friend. (I like Saturdays)
  • Do something nice for a family member at least one day a week.
  • Read How to Win Friends and Influence People and apply the tips to your interactions.
  • Be genuinely interested in people.


3. Get a Pet – Or Don’t

  • If you love animals and have none, a puppy could bring a lot of joy!
    • Get one.
  • If you hate the mess and have 1,000 cats, consider finding them new homes. 😉
    • (LOL. That was a reference to the cat lady joke)
  1. 4. Develop your career.

  • Further your education
    • You have the freedom to move to school campus if you need to.
    • Or, get an online degree
    • Or ad a certification to your resume
  • Apply for that promotion.
    • You’re single. You can offer a lot of flexibility to your company.
    • This is the time to take chances.
  • Make a career change
    • If you hate your job, this is your chance to make a change!
    • Decide what career field will bring your joy each day, and dive in.
    • If you have to start at the low end of the totem pole, that is ok.
    • Just apply for a job in a career path that you know you would love.
  1. 5. Enjoy the little things, and incorporate them shamelessly into your day.

  • Think of a guilty pleasure that brings you joy, no matter how silly it sounds.
    • I love watching TV shows on Netflix and YouTube.
    • I love fresh raspberries even though they are ridiculously expensive in winter.
    • I love fresh flowers even though they aren’t a necessity.
    • I love chocolate even though it contains sugar.
  • Indulge in at least one item per day.
    • Relish the experience
    • The key is moderation.
    • Aim to include as many tiny joys in a day as you can, while still maintaining good physical, spiritual, and social health.

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