About Us

The Happy Single is dedicated to helping people experience JOY in their single years, while looking for Mr./Mrs. Right!


Let’s take the pressure off! A lot of people put pressure on themselves to get married within a certain time period. Or they feel the pressure from loved ones. Or their biological clock is screaming. Or they need a significant other to validate them and give them self worth. And a lot of times, we let our circumstances rob us of one of our most precious, God-given resources… JOY! Let’s take the pressure off.


Yes, God created us to need family and community. He wired us to be wives and moms, husbands and fathers. We’re headed that direction, and we want that. But so much joy is available on the journey to joint living!


Let’s focus on becoming beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.┬áLet’s increase our self confidence while increasing the value we put into the world. Let’s find ways to enjoy every moment as it comes. And lets, above all, learn to look on the bright side in every circumstance.


The Happy Single founder is a young single just like you, who just happens to have an education degree, a love for self development literature, and a love of human psychology. An optimist in her early years, she nevertheless got diagnosed with clinical depression during college. A successful graduate, she has since embarked on a self development journey and purposefully reclaimed her JOY. She has a passion for sharing the tips, tricks, and research she discovers along the way.