What It’s Like to Be a Modern Dater

I saw this photo, and I had a realization.


This photo depicts exactly what it’s like to be a modern dater.


We know out there somewhere is a view (a person) who is going to take our breath away… that person we’re going to love, respect, and appreciate with all our heart… One day we’ll be married, sitting in a room of perfectly nice people, and our spouse will walk in. And we’ll think to ourselves, “WOW! What a catch! He/she is more attractive to me than anyone else in here.”


But right now we can’t see the view (person) we were expecting.


All we can see is the clouds.


Now, if we were staring up from underneath (a place of depression), these clouds could be pretty mundane and depressing, blocking out the sun.


Yet, if you climb the mountain and look down at the clouds (from a place of joy), they are really quite beautiful!


Dating in the modern world is really quite beautiful.


I imagine it kind of like this. Picture that the man is really a giant, and he knows that somewhere under the clouds is his future wife, and his future wife is holding a magic potion that will shrink him down to normal size so they can live a normal life. So he sticks his big hand down through the clouds, and, starting at the left end of the valley, he picks up the first woman he can find. He looks at her for a moment and enjoys the pleasure of her company, but he realizes she is not his wife. And he puts her back. He gropes around under the clouds, a little further to the right, and he picks up another woman. She looks a little more like his wife, but she points out that he needs to work on his relationship skills and requests that he put her back. This process continues. The man keeps finding people who are more and more like what he wants in a wife, and he works on improving himself. Eventually his works his way clear to the right side of the valley to the home of Mrs. Right. He picks her up, she gives him the potion, and they live happily ever after in the beautiful valley.


-What would have happened if the giant gave up and quit trying to find his mate?


-What would have happened if he got angry at the clouds and everyone in the valley instead of appreciating the beauty and working with what he had?


-What if he decided that he was unlovable and let himself go, getting fat and smelly, and unkempt?


-Would he have been such a pleasant, attractive person when he found Mrs. Right?


-Would she have eagerly accepted his proposal?


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